Mario Brassesco

Mario Brassesco

Venture Capitalist with experience in startup launch, acceleration, fundraising and funding. Learning the whole startup life-cycle before becoming a world-class entrepreneur.

Startup launching:
– Direct participation in the creation of 2 venture builders (Nuclio VB and Capptains Mobile VB).
– Opportunity analysis for >200 projects from top US VCs.
– Coordination of technical teams to launch 1 mobile-based startup.
– >500h invested in learning web programming and UX/UI design to launch MVPs.

Startup acceleration:
– Dealflow management of 3 acceleration programs (Conector, Bankia Accelerator and Seat Accelerator), analyzing >400 startups.

Startup fundraising:
– Public and private fundraising for early-stage startups, totalling >€3M for >20 startups (Intelectium).
– 90% success rate in self-managed fundraising operations.
– Direct assistance for financial model forecasting and controlling.

Startup funding:
– Dealflow analysis of 1 early-stage VC (Encomenda Smart Capital).
– Investment portfolio management of a Spanish Super Business Angel (Carlos Blanco).

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